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Trust Assessment

We want to empower our clients and our community to participate in a confident financial future. With this goal in mind, we are creating a company culture that values communication, camaraderie, perspective, and technology. When it comes to technology, we seek tools to help education and collaborate with our clients.

We know that knowledge is power. We want our clients to be knowledgeable and confident. Our unique TRUST assessment is designed to help you (and us) quickly identify how you can save money, reach your goals, and gain confidence in your financial plan.

TRUST assessments are completed online, for free. The assessment will gather the information needed to understand your goals and identify how we can help you reach them. The TRUST assessment is an easy process:

  • Step 1 - You commit to 30 minutes to complete the online TRUST assessment
  • Step 2 - You answer questions about your business and / or finances
  • Step 3 - We analyze your responses and identify key areas where gains may be possible and downsides can be avoided
  • Step 4 - We meet with you to review and discuss your results. There is no fee or obligation with this meeting.
  • Step 5 - We provide you with a comprehensive client service plan, including your TOP FIVE action items to help keep you on track.


Our ultimate goal is to help you reach your financial and/or business goals by focusing on the issues that really matter.


Take the first step now and experience what makes Downing & Corzatt, LLC unique.

The process is very simple:

  1. Choose from one of four available TRUST templates:

    Business Improvement – Budgeting, Financial Management, Systems & Procedures

    Accounting – Cash Flow, Data Entry, KPI Monitoring, Ratios & Trends

    Succession Planning – Contingency, Estate Planning, Systems & Processes

    Financial Planning – Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Taxation

  2. After setting up your user name and password (must be 6 – 10 alphanumeric characters), you’ll be taken to your TRUST assessment.
  3. When you have finished working through the assessment, click Logout. We will contact you with your report.


Enjoy the TRUST experience!